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Talk about a #tbt

"Iggy Azaelia was bound to happen, the industry wanted it, the folks who are hip hop’s biggest consumers wanted it and us? We let it happen. We get excited when someone deems our culture worthy of appropriation. Until we start getting shut out."


Jamilah Lemieux, Senior Editor for about the Forbes article. (via 2damnfeisty)

You know Paul Mooney spoke about this shit years ago. Black people getting excited about white people mimicking us.

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the rhetoric of “we were kings/queens” often includes a shame of being the descendant of enslaved people

it’s as if there is no glory in being the descendants not of people draped in gold and fine jewels

not glory in being the descendant of survivors, of people who were ripped from their land…


i think the issue is not simply that college degrees don’t work any more and that’s why there are so many college grads that don’t get jobs in desired careers after graduation

it’s the colleges and universities operate so much like businesses that not enough time is spent on

a) making sure that…

Sadness is a cancer. It’s a powerful, demonic state-of-mind that occupies your soul and weakens it. It imbues you with a mindset of inadequacy and irrelevance.

We were not made for sadness, yet it still dictates and controls our being. It watches our every move.

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